absolute fuckery.
We've all been fucked around at CAMHS at one point or another, this is the place where you can rant about it and not get judged. Feel free to ask for advice not CAMHS related.
[No love/relationship advice please.]
Anonymous whispered : Do you have any tips on getting therapy quicker. They keep telling me there's a 27 week wait but I need therapy now! I'm so done with their BS. It's not like there's anyone in the waiting room when I go and the place looks like it never even gets used.

I get the whole ‘empty waiting room’ thing but other than going back and urging the severity of your case there isn’t much you can do. Some CAMHS stick to a ‘first come first served’ mentality which is totally wrong.

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Anonymous whispered : I'm not entirely sure how that last person expects you to "go out and actually do something about it" when there are so many complex reasons behind why CAMHS are shit - the main one being government mental health cuts, which isn't exactly something one teenager can fix


I mean seriously the only thing I can technically do is change therapists. There comes a point where you can’t change therapists any more, it’s not like there are a huge supply. [Besides, I only live in a small town.]

No doubt if I do it too much they’ll just label me as a trouble maker because I live in a ‘shit area’ and then they’ll pin any problems I have on that.

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231198x whispered : this is called camhsFUCKERY haha so it’s not going to be a blog based on rainbows and smiles lol


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Anonymous whispered : You sound really ungrateful.. I'm not hating but I think that maybe you should go out and actually do something about it rather than sit here moping about teams of people who are trying to help you

Firstly there literally is nothing to be grateful for with MY personal experience, I mean like I’ve received practically no help at all amongst questionable professionalism. Also I haven’t expressed everything on this blog because it’s not my personal, I just share things that I think would relate to the anonymous messengers, so sometimes I have to repeat myself with certain subjects more than others. 

Secondly I am  doing something about it so please don’t sound all high and mighty about it. 

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I’m getting involved in a self harm project at camhs to look at new ways of treating/supporting self harmers. You can message me if there are some things you’d like me to take to the meetings for you. Everything will remain anonymous c:

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Anonymous whispered : Is it normal for them to tell your parents things when they said they wouldn't? Like the person I saw said that they wouldn't tell my mum about how I self harm (because I asked him not to) and yet they did in a letter.

I’ve found it’s ‘normal’ for CAMHS to do that but it’s not necessarily right. You should bring it up, they probably think you don’t have access to the letters seeing as it’s addressed to your parents. 

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Anonymous whispered : so far camhs has been okay its just after 4 appointments now ive realised that my doctor completely fucked up my referral so they dont know half why im there and its just so agravating im not exactly one of the people who can just talk either.

Eurgh, that’s horrible. Could you try writing it all down? If you’re shy then just give it to her at the end of the session so you don’t have to talk to her .

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Anonymous whispered : CAMHS have been fucking me around too long, i feel like an idiot for just realising it, how long did it take for your to realise it?xx

Firstly you’re not an idiot. It didn’t take me long but that’s only because I’m a highly impatient person and I had the comparison of my best friend that got help straight away. 

Also I kind of realised it when I noticed I’d figured out ‘root of my problem’ for most of my ‘issues’ before I even saw an actual therapist. That’s probably worded really badly. I’d gotten to the source, it was just a fact of not knowing how to deal with it correctly.

I mean I literally just wanted to go to CAMHS for coping strategies and a diagnosis. I mean there are a few things I haven’t figured out yet but whatever. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. 

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