absolute fuckery.
We've all been fucked around at CAMHS at one point or another, this is the place where you can rant about it and not get judged. Feel free to ask for advice not CAMHS related.
[No love/relationship advice please.]
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Anonymous whispered : What is you're personal? I want to ask you random questions.

Oh wow yes please. I love questions.

My personal is here.

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Anonymous whispered : I only had one counselling session last year and a CAMHS counsellor said he didn't notice and mental health conditions and I was sat in a room tellin him about the voices and the things I see and about self harm and the depression andsuicidal thoughs and he said there was no mental health conditions! Should I go back, I'm 14 and I don't think I can wait to go to AMHS...

Yes I think you should, I got much the same thing when I first went, very ‘anxiety’ fixated which they tried to pass it off as a good thing because ‘it isn’t mental health’ which is extremely unprofessional and rude to the many sufferers. 

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inarticulat-e whispered : hey there. i just wanted to share that after three and a half years of therapy for self harm, anxiety and depression, i got discharged last week because i haven't improved. i basically got told that there are people who need therapy more than me and so i won't be given it anymore. it felt like a giant punch in the face, to be given up on by the very people who are supposed to help. sigh.

Urgh that makes me really angry just reading it. I wish they’d understand that if you’re not improving it might justbe down to them.

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Anonymous whispered : inpatient anon again. i don't know if i could act on them but i just keep thinking about how many pills i could take and just researching it over and over never doing anything but just thinking and i had a dream that i started cutting again. i'm just sort of scared.

I definitely would talk to your therapist/whoever. They might not put you inpatient, lack of beds, but they might be able to give you some really good coping strategies.

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Anonymous whispered : how do you know if you need inpatient because i've been having scary thoughts but i don't want to take away a bed from someone more deserving?

Firstly it’s a common thing to think that, I mean I get that on a regular basis when I’m really bad and think I need more help. Secondly what type of scary thoughts? Going to hurt someone scary or just more nightmarish [I totally get both so that’s also an option], if you’re really worried you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else you need to tell someone. 

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Anonymous whispered : it's called diabulimia when people skip their insulin to lose weight, if anyone was curious!

Yep! I put it in the tags but I’m not sure if anyone bothers to read them.

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Anonymous whispered : Can I ask you something I have bulimia and diabites but sometimes I skip my needles to loose weight bc it helps should I tell someone at camhs what will they do??? Sometimes I can gon3 days without my medication should I tell someone here what will they do :(

You really really need to tell them, it’s really dangerous. They’ll probably tell your parents and make sure you’re monitored so you take your medicine. It sound horrible but it’s for the best. 

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Anonymous whispered : why did you promote camhsinsider and not any other CAMHS blogs? rude.

This came later than expected! I thought you’d hop onto it straight away.

  1. I did, at one point, have lolcamhs in my links after speaking to an admin, they never had mine on theirs so I removed it. I’m happy to have a friendly relationship, the admins are nice, but I’m not doing a one sided thing here. 
  2. camhsinsider asked me very nicely and they returned the favour.
  3. There aren’t any other CAMHS blogs running atm but when camhsrecovery[?] was up and running I did speak with the admin and was supportive. They didn’t ask for me to spread the word, as far as I can remember and if they did I would’ve.

Please don’t jump to conclusions. 

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