Fuckery, absolute fuckery.
I'm not good at love advice and I'm always up for helping with writing. Although I answer a lot of mental health questions I'm not a professional.
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Anonymous :  Can I just rant about going to see a GP about anxiety and other problems? Id say don't. I went and he simply told me to go see someone else. Basically doctors don't have time or the proper knowledge to deal with these issues or maybe it was just my doctor. I then saw my school councillor and got refereed to camhs and now I'm starting CBT tomorrow. I've only been to camhs once before so I haven't made my mind up about it yet :/

Sure, ranting is always welcome. 

And always try and be open minded, I’ve had a horrible experience but I always try and go in with a positive attitude and try what they say or there isn’t much point in me going. That’s just my opinion, and I’m in no way saying you’re not trying. 

Anonymous :  do you have any experiences of group therapy about social anxiety, depression or self harm or do you know anything about it?

I have no experience with group therapy, I think you’re in a group and talk about how you feel but I’m sure you figured that out for yourself! 


Anonymous :  What would camhs do if you weren't leaving bed

They might suggest home therapy.

Anonymous :  Ive had really bad experiences with cahms including wrong medecation 3 times, getting my weight and height wron for , eds which is bad considering im small and wouldnt take much for me tp like overdoes, also have survere social anxiety I dont leave my house or my room only to shower and eat etc and they think its adhd.. I could go on forever about the other like 10000000 things theyge done wrong.. but runimg outta charictars lol x

Oh I’m sorry anon, if you want to rant further feel free to go on. 

[Bad therapy/CAMHS stories?]

Anonymous :  fun fact my psychiatrist gave me a combination of medication that left me with heart damage. always ALWAYS check if the combination is ok with pharmacists!!

Oh fuck! I’m so sorry that happened to you, but yes if you have any questions always make sure you check it out. 

[Bad therapy/CAMHS stories?]

Anonymous :  Yes to the person with medication, that's what happened to me - I'm now under my GPs care for continuing medication
crisis team survey research


Good Evening Lovelies, Hope you’re all okay!

Basically, I am part of a charity in which we work towards changing for the better the way in which young peoples mental health services work. We recently reached out to camhs about the way they work and how they can change and they have taken our feedback on board and are currently re evaluating the way in which camhs work. So the next thing I think needs to be reviewed is The Camhs / Crisis / Home intervention service. 

If you have had any experience via being assessed/had phone calls or meetings with crisis please take two minutes of your time to fill out this survey as it could help the way in which this service works. 

Many thanks,

Lauren ♥

Please don’t bitch at me for reblogging lolcamhs but it would be really cool if you could help out. :)

Anonymous :  I'm now coming off my medication. I'm 17 (almost 18, I'll be 18 in October). Is it normal for CAMHS to have dispatched me/left me in the hands of my GP? I mean I'm extremely happy to be out of the system and feeling recovered, but (I'm a bit curious) just in case I suddenly get any unexpected side effects, is this normal?

Yeah I guess so, I’m not an expert on medication, I’m sure if you have any trouble you’re supposed to tell your GP and then they can assess if you need to see someone again. (Sorry for the long wait) 

Also if my followers want to help this anon out?

Early morning appointments:



Anonymous :  But you said you weren't in a good place right now and I don't wanna bring you down even more. I kinda miss CAMHS and regret telling my counsellor I'm fine... I'm just I don't know I don't wanna be here

I’m feeling better now anon, honestly you can message me.