absolute fuckery.
We've all been fucked around at CAMHS at one point or another, this is the place where you can rant about it and not get judged. Feel free to ask for advice not CAMHS related.
[No love/relationship advice please.]
Hey guys! I know I said I wasn’t going to do one until I had more followers but whatever. It’s kind of a distraction [self-harm, addiction, whatever] based giveaway, so if you win and want anything switched for something of a similar price I’m cool with it. What’s included:
Lettered beads, I’ll send some string along,
Book of your choice, 
Felt tips,
Teddy bear,
Bath bombs,
Temporary tattoos,
£5 of food, food can be replaced by an Amazon voucher if you don’t want food,
Hand written letter/card.
Rules [of sorts]:
Reblogs only, you can like to book mark,
Must be following, either this blog or my personal [both and I’ll put in something extra],
I don’t mind if you reblog more than once but please don’t irritate your followers with it,
Please have your ask box open,
If you don’t respond after 72 hours I’ll find someone else,
If you’re outside the UK I’ll probably just send it over Amazon because I’m poor and probably won’t be able to afford shipping.
Okay! Giveaway ends on the 1st of April:) Happy reblogging.
[Please don’t delete the text]